August 15, 2017

Board Room, York Hall
 301 Main Street
 6:00 P.M. 

Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

Roll Call


A     Employee Recognition ProgramPresentation of 20-year service pin and certificate to Joel Kandra, Information Technology Department.

B     Virginia Department of TransportationReceive quarterly report from Rossie Carroll, Williamsburg Residency Administrator.





6:55 p.m.     RECESS

7:00 p.m.     PUBLIC HEARINGS

1     Application No. UP-887-17, Daniel Forrest, Areion Equestrian. Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R17-77 to approve a request for a major amendment to a previously approved Special Use Permit (UP-619-01) to authorize an increase in the number of horses permitted for a commercial stable, from 7 to 15 on an approximately 14.9-acre parcel of land located at 506 Yorktown Road (Route 706).  (Denied)

a.    Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.    Excerpts from Planning Commission minutes dated 7/12/17.
c.    Board of Supervisors Resolution R03-130.
d.    Zoning map.
e.    Applicant’s Management Plans received 5/2/17 and 7/10/17.
f.     Sketch plan.
g.    Aerial plan layout.
h.   Recommendations from Virginia Tech Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center dated April 25, 2017 (including  University of Kentucky dry lot report) and July 5, 2017.
I.     Recommendations from Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District dated May 2, 2017 and excerpt from Farm Narrative Report dated June 30, 2017.
j.     Proposed Resolution R17-77.

2    Application Nos. ZM-173-17 and UP-891-17, Landbridge Acquisitions, LLC. Consider adoption of proposed Ordinance No. 17-9 to amend the York County Zoning Map by reclassifying the three parcels from R13 (High density single-family residential) to GB (General Business) subject to proffered conditions that would limit development of the property to a maximum of 170 age-restricted dwelling units (maximum density of approximately 18.4 units per acre); adoption of proposed Resolution R17-113 to authorize a Special Use Permit, contingent on approval of the rezoning request, to authorize the establishment of a 170-unit senior housing facility with independent living, assisted living, and memory care units on the subject property; and adoption of proposed Resolution R17-115 to support the request of Landbridge Acquisitions, LLC, to obtain approval from the Commonwealth Transportation Board for a break in the limited access restriction on the eastbound lanes of Route 171 (Victory Boulevard) approximately 860 feet west of Route 17. (Approved)

a.    Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.    Excerpts from Planning Commission minutes dated 7/12/17.
c.    Zoning map.
d.    Applicant’s narrative.
e.    Sketch plan.
f.     Building elevations.
g.    Proffer statement.
h.    Community Impact Statement.
i.     Traffic Impact Analysis excerpts.
j.     Fiscal Impact Analysis excerpts.
k.    Proposed Ordinance No. 17-9.
l.     Proposed Resolution R17-113.
m.   Proposed Resolution R17-115.

3    Application No. ZT-174-17, York County Board of Supervisors. Consider adoption of proposed Ordinance No. 17-8 to amend several sections of Chapter 24.1 (Zoning) of the York County Code to establish a definition for the term Solar Energy Facilities; to allow accessory solar energy facilities in certain commercial and industrial areas; to create standards applicable to accessory solar energy facilities, as well as the establishment of accessory use performance standards; to add solar energy facilities as a use administratively permitted in certain zoning districts; and to add Solar Energy Facilities as a principal utilities use and establish applicable performance standards.  (Approved)

a.    Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.    Resolution R17-64.
c.    Excerpts from Planning Commission minutes dated 7/12/17.
d.    Proposed Ordinance No. 17-8.

4    Lease Agreement – Child Development Resources, Inc. Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R17-118 to authorize the County Administrator to execute a lease agreement with Child Development Resources, Inc., a non-profit Virginia Corporation, for the operation of an Early Childhood Care and Developmental Service in the Griffin-Yeates Building located on Government Road.  (Approved)

a.   Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.    Proposed CDR/First Steps Lease Agreement.
c.    Exhibit A – Floor Plan.
d.    Exhibit B – Inventory List.
e.    Proposed Resolution R17-118.



5     Approval of Minutes. Consider approval of the minutes of the following meetings of the York County Board of Supervisors:  (Approved)

a.    Unapproved minutes of the July 18, 2017, Regular Meeting.

6    Employee of the Quarter. Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R17-119 to commend and congratulate William D. Stallings, Senior Firefighter, Division of Fire and Rescue Operations, Department of Fire and Life Safety, as Employee of the Quarter.  (Approved)

a.    Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.    Proposed Resolution R17-119.

7     Commendation of Retiring Employee. Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R17-114 to commend Deborah L. Morris, York County Director of Finance, on the occasion of her retirement from County service.  (Approved)

a.    Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.    Proposed Resolution R17-114.





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The next Regular Meeting of the York County Board of Supervisors will be held at 6:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 5, 2017, in the East Room, York Hall.