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Hollywood Sanitary Sewer Project Rt 17 Lane Closure

Tabb Library Roof Re-cover

August – October 2017: The Tabb Library roof is scheduled to be recovered. The project is part of the approved CIP and will not interfere with library access or operations.The Tabb Library was constructed in 1998 with a two-ply, built-up (flat) roof system. The roofing material is beyond its useful life and has been patched numerous times. The project plan is to cover the existing roof system with a single-ply fleece back PVC membrane which will be substantially less expensive than replacing the existing roof system.  The PVC membrane is provided with a 20 year, no dollar limit, warranty in which the manufacturer agrees to repair or replace components of the membrane roofing system which fail.

Hollywood Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project 

Ella Taylor Road has been reopened. 

This project will reduce the volume of inflow and infiltration (I/I) from storm events and ground water that gets into the sanitary sewer collection system. Having excess storm and ground water in the gravity collection system can cause sanitary sewer overflows during significant storm events. The majority of the sanitary sewer rehabilitation will use trenchless technology and will have minimal disruption to the residents and traffic.

Lakeside Forrest Drainage Project

The purpose of this project is to repair the eroded ditch that runs behind Middlewood Lane. 

Our contractor has started the clearing for this project  

Carver Gardens Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Water Project

This project is to rehabilitate the existing wastewater collection system for the entire Carver Gardens neighborhood in accordance with our rehabilitation plan as part of the Hampton Roads Regional Order by Consent with DEQ.  Along with the sewer project, a replacement water system for those properties currently served by York Public Utilities/Mountain Lakes Water will be designed and constructed.  The system will be designed and constructed in accordance with Newport News Waterworks (NNWW) standards and the new system ultimately conveyed to NNWW for ownership, operations and maintenance.

Our contractor has been issued the Notice to Proceed

PW Building Energy Star

Capital Improvement Project Updates


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