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Monday, July 24, 2017

Phone: 757-890-3320   TDD: 757-890-3621 

Strategic Priorities


As stewards of the public trust and resources, the Board of Supervisors will maintain and improve the quality of life for all County citizens.

The Board will:

  • Facilitate QUALITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that is sensitive to community character and the environment. 
  • Develop EFFECTIVE and OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATIONS and CIVIC ENGAGEMENT opportunities amongst and between the Board of Supervisors, Citizens, Boards and Commissions and County staff. 
  • Instill EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE as an organizational value, expectation, and outcome. 
  • Facilitate QUALITY EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES for all County citizens. 
  • Devote leadership and resources necessary to ensure and sustain EXEMPLARY PUBLIC SAFETY functions. 
  • Protect and respect the County's natural and built attributes through balanced and cost-effective ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP. 

Board of Supervisors Strategic Priorities