Tuition Reimbursement

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Training and Education Program  |  Degree Program

The County of York values continued education and considers it a vital part of employee development. 


The Training and Education Program was established to encourage employees toward continued self-development, training, and education. The program encourages our employees to improve effectiveness in their job performance as well as to prepare for potential advancement within the County. 

We encourage all employees to reach their full potential through the development of knowledge, skills, abilities, and talents.


The program is designed to support those employees who are interested in pursuing an academic degree, as a part of their employee training plan.  Funding for the degree program will be administered through the Human Resources Department, with an approval process through a Training and Education Evaluation Committee (TEEC). In addition to this centralized fund, each Department will continue to retain a line item (typically 5510) for employee training and education that falls outside of the scope of the TEEC.

Funding of the degree program is based on monies available for each fiscal year.  The County will agree to make a contribution of up to 50% of each approved training course for each employee per fiscal year.


The general policy provisions can be found in the first section of the policy (8-1). The policy is divided into two new sections: Skill Development Programs (8-2) and Degree Programs (8-3). This program is not intended to replace department-specific training or courses provided by the Human Resources Department. It is also not intended to replace costs currently covered by departmental budgets such as initial licenses and renewals, job required certifications (or re-certifications), etc

Application Deadlines

Applications for the Fall Semester should be provided to Human Resources by the proceeding August 1st deadline.
Applications for the Spring Semester should be provided to Human Resources by the proceeding December 1st deadline.