Ches. Bay Board Mission

Chesapeake Bay Board Mission Statement:

"To protect and improve the water quality of the  Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries by minimizing the impact of human activity on the waters within Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas"

The Chesapeake Bay Board consists of seven full-time members and two alternate members serving four-year terms with a two-term limit.  All Board members are appointed by the York County Board of Supervisors.  

The Chesapeake Bay Board is a REGULATORY board that conducts public hearings and is charged with granting or denying exception requests to the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA) Ordinance to allow development in the Resource Protection Area (RPA) buffer while balancing the needs of the property owner with the protection of the RPA.

Please enjoy our award-winning video, "Vegetated Buffers:  Protecting a Vital Resource", which serves as a great learning tool providing valuable information on the steps that can be taken to protect the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding lands and tributaries.