Diversity & Harassment Awareness Online Course

Course Highlights 

Diversity Awareness 

US Census Data Regarding Diversity   >  How Are We Diverse  >  Challenges and Opportunities of a Diverse Workplace  >  Your Diversity History  > Making Diversity Work  >  Laws That Protect Us  > Title IV  >  Americans With Disabilities Act  >  Appreciating Generational Differences

Workplace Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Harassment and Diversity  >  Types of Harassment  >  Sexual Harassment  > Workplace Scenarios and Recommendations  > Workplace Bullying  >  Differences Between Bullying & Harassment  >  Manager/Supervisor Responsibility  >  Responsibilities Of The Observer  > Guidelines for Response (if You Are a Victim)  >  County Policy Review (Section 14.9)  >  Complaint Procedure  > Employee Assistance Plan Information 

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