Latex Paint Recycling Program

York County Waste Management Division and Coastal VA Environmental Coatings (CVEC) are pleased to announce the collection of waste latex paint in the County! 


Monday - Friday, 7 am until 4 pm
York County Waste Management Recycling Center
145 Goodwin Neck Road, Yorktown 

Paints will be turned over to CVEC for processing into a rejuvenated recycled latex paint! Our goal is to keep latex paint from entering landfills.

You will need to see the recycling attendant, and you will be required to stay on site while we open and inspect the paint to determine if it is something we can take. Please note: there is a 5 gallon limit per resident per day.

Paint Recycling Program

Prior to bringing your paint to the facility, please open it and inspect for the following: bad odor, oil based, cottage cheese consistency, hard bottom/heel. If the paint has any of these attributes, please save it for the next VPPSA collection.

We WILL accept the following:

  • Latex paint only
  • Paint must have smooth consistency after stir
  • Variations of the following colors: White, off-white, red, blue, yellow, and gray

Paint we WILL NOT accept:

  • Cans without labels 
  • Rusty cans
  • Paint with bad odor 
  • Oil based paint
  • Cottage cheese consistency (indicates paint has been frozen)
  • Hard bottom/heel (can you touch the bottom of a can with a paint stick?)
Coastal VA Environmental Coatings