College Safety

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety is committed to helping all of our citizens lead safer lifestyles. Many of our York County graduating seniors will embark on a variety of endeavors that will require much more independence and responsibility on their part. Included in these new endeavors will hopefully be their commitment to safe actions, whether in a work, home, or college environment. It is important to understand that most fires are both preventable and survivable. Listed below are some fire safety resources that are helpful and informative. We wish our families and our high school graduates the very best and safest futures.

The Prevention and Community Safety Division provides presentations and literature to help heighten the awareness of potential dangers as well as safety resources for graduating students and their parents. This information is  also available below. Please contact us with questions at 757-890-3600.

                                                                                                                               Campus Safety Video

                                                                                                                          Campus Safety Tip Sheet