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The IRS has issued information regarding the new Non-filer sign-up tool for 2021 advance CTC payments, American Rescue Plan FAQs, EIP3 disbursements update and other tax related items.  

Key points:

  • New Advanced CTC FAQs page: View the new frequently asked questions about the Advance Child Tax Credit Payments in 2021, separated by topics.
  • IRS unveils Non-filer sign-up tool for CTC payments: The Treasury Department and IRS unveiled an online Non-filer Sign-up tool designed to help eligible families who don’t normally file tax returns register for the monthly Advance Child Tax Credit payments, scheduled to begin on July 15.
  • New FAQs on American Rescue Plan credits: The IRS posted FAQs to assist families claiming the expanded Child and Dependent Care Credit and small and mid-sized employers claiming credits for paid leave under the American Rescue Plan.
  • EIP3 disbursements as of June 9: The IRS, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the Bureau of the Fiscal Service announced they have disbursed more than 2.3 million additional Economic Impact Payments under the American Rescue Plan. The announcement brings the total disbursed so far to nearly 169 million payments. They represent a total value of approximately $395 billion since these payments began rolling out to Americans in batches on March 12.
  • Second quarter estimated tax payment deadline: The IRS reminds taxpayers who pay estimated taxes that they have until June 15 to pay their estimated tax payment for the second quarter of tax year 2021 without penalty.

News releases:

  • IRS unveils online tool to help low-income families register for monthly Child Tax Credit payments  EnglishSpanishChinese-Simplified
  • New FAQs available to aid families and small business under the American Rescue Plan  EnglishSpanish
  • More than 2.3 million additional Economic Impact Payments disbursed under the American Rescue Plan; total payments top 169 million  EnglishSpanish
  • IRS reminder: Approaching June 15 deadline for second quarter estimated tax payments  EnglishSpanish

Tax tips:

  • Homeownership and taxes: Things taxpayers should consider when selling a house  EnglishSpanish
  • Tax pros can earn continuing education credits during virtual IRS Tax Forum  EnglishSpanish
  • Here’s how taxpayers can pay the right amount of tax throughout the year  EnglishSpanish
  • Here’s how saying “I do” can affect a couple’s tax situation  EnglishSpanish

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Social media content: IRS continues to increase multilingual outreach on its social media platforms. For example, IRS has created individual images & tweets in 6 languages, highlighting key messages in Spanish │ Vietnamese │ Russian │ Korean │ Haitian Creole │ Chinese-Simplified.

  • Images and/or messaging: 
    1. Advance Child Tax Credit - File Soon – 2 images and 5 tweets
    2. Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit (available in Spanish and Chinese) – 2 tweets on video
    3. Deadline for taxpayers who live and work abroad – 1 image and 4 tweets
    4. Estimated tax deadline – 4 images and 7 tweets
    5. FSA changes (also available in Spanish) – 1 image and 2 tweets
    6. Digital Day webinar – 1 image and 2 tweets
  • YouTube videos: 
    1. Here’s Who Will Get Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit  EnglishSpanish │ Chinese
    2. Changed Your Name After Marriage or Divorce?  EnglishSpanish │ ASL
    3. Direct Deposit for Your Tax Refund  EnglishSpanish │ ASL
    4. Here's What To Do if You Must Close Your Business  English |  Chinese

Additional materials/resources:

  • E-Posters with Advanced Child Tax Credit information:
  1. New: Publication 5534, 2021 Advance Child Tax Credit Payments  EnglishSpanish
  2. New: Publication 5534-A, 2021 Advance Child Tax Credit Payments Start July 15  EnglishSpanish