Building Fire Preparedness

Safety Tips

If your smoke detector/fire alarm activates or you see smoke and/or a fire:
  1. Remain calm and quickly exit your home.
  2. If you see smoke under the door, find another way out.
  3. Feel the door with the back of your hand before you open it. If it is hot, find another way out.
  4. Drop to the floor to avoid smoke and fumes, crawl to safety.
  5. If your clothes catch on fire, stop where you are, drop to the ground and roll over and over to smother the flames while covering your face.
  6. Dial 911 from a safe location. Stay on the line until the dispatcher hangs up.
  7. If you are trapped in a burning building, stay near a window and close to the floor. If possible, signal for help by waving your arm, or a blanket or towel out the window.
  8. Do not go back inside the building unless you are instructed that it is safe to do so by emergency services personnel.
Make sure that you have at least 2 ways out and have a meeting place to gather.