December 2022 Personal Property Tax Rebate Calculator

PLEASE READ - Important Information For Using the Rebate Estimate Calculator 

Using the link below will allow you to calculate an ESTIMATE of your vehicle’s December rebate.  The actual rebate you receive may differ from the estimate.  Possible causes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The Commissioner of Revenue will continue to process abatements through 9/15 that are expected to have a small impact on the final allocations.
  • The information entered from your tax bill may not reflect subsequent credits, abatements, or other adjustments that would change the final rebate amount.
  • The rebate is applied first to any outstanding tax, penalties, and interest owed on any vehicle or account.  While this does not affect the calculation of your rebate amount, it may result in your December 2022 tax bill being different than estimated.
  • The calculator uses an algorithm developed by Finance to determine the rebate for qualifying vehicles.  If you enter information for non-qualifying vehicles, the calculator will provide a result, but no rebate will be given for non-qualifying vehicles.  

Rebates will only be issued for qualifying vehicles as defined in Virginia Code section 58.1-3503(A)(3), (4), and (5).   Generally, passenger cars, trucks of less than 10,000 pounds, and vans assessed by either the J.D Power Official Used Car Guide (NADA) or the J.D Power Official Older Used Car Guide (NADA) are qualifying vehicles.  Farm machinery, manufactured homes, taxicabs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boat and utility trailers, and boats are non-qualifying vehicles.