Rebate Information

  1. Why did my tax increase?
  2. How was the rebate calculated?
  3. What does the rebate mean for me and how do I get mine?
  4. When will the December bills be mailed?
  5. Why am I not getting a rebate?
  6. Will I get a rebate next year?
  7. What vehicles qualify for the rebate?

Why did my tax increase?

Your tax went up because the value of your vehicle increased in 2022 and the personal property tax relief percentage from the State decreased (due to both values and an increase in vehicles). The value increases for all makes and models are a direct result of short supply and high demand issues in the automotive industry across the state and country. Virginia Code requires that all personal property assessments use a recognized pricing guide** and York County uses the  clean loan value listed with no additions for condition, mileage or extra options.

**York County uses the ‘NADA Official Used Car Guide’ or ‘NADA Official Older Used Car Guide’ from J. D. Power using 100% of the ‘clean loan value’ for your vehicle.