Aerial Spraying


When a need is determined, the County may be sprayed by aircraft. Spraying may be completed by the Air Force using a C-130 aircraft from the Air Force Reserve unit based in Youngstown, Ohio. For an Air Force flight, the pesticide used is Dibrom Concentrate delivered as an aerosol at 0.5 ounces per acre.

Alternately, spraying may be completed by Dynamic Aviation using specially equipped twin engine aircraft. For a Dynamic Aviation flight, the pesticide used is Duet delivered as an aerosol at a rate 0.41 ounces per acre.

Bee Precautions

At this dosage the insecticide is safe for humans and animals, but will sometimes kill non-target insects, such as honeybees, if not protected before the spray. For this reason beekeepers are urged to take precautions to protect their hives and to register their hive locations with York County Mosquito Control. Registered beekeepers will be individually notified at minimum 48 hours prior to an aerial spray.


Information pertaining to spraying may be found on our website or by calling Mosquito Control at 757-890-3790, May through October.