Requesting an Animal Trap

Making a Request

Regarding requests for animal traps, all requests must be made telephone. Should you have a reoccurring problem with nuisance wildlife, the Animal Control Bureau may be able to assist you by temporarily providing a have-a-heart animal trap to capture the nuisance animal; unfortunately, wildlife captured cannot be relocated and the animal will have to be euthanized. Furthermore, the Bureau will not trap wildlife that is simply passing through your yard. A nuisance animal is considered an animal that habitual destroys property. Some animals are exempt from being declared a nuisance, such as all birds of prey (ospreys, eagles, falcons, hawks, etc.) deer, and any animal or reptile protected by the state and/or federal government.

The person(s) requesting the trap shall be responsible for the care and safety of any animal while the trap is in their possession until a representative of the Animal Control Bureau can retrieve the animal. The Animal Control Bureau typically retrieves raccoons, opossums, ground hogs and skunks. Cats will not be retrieved and should be taken to the Peninsula SPCA.

The Animal Control Bureau typically does not provide traps to residents that are actively baiting animals onto their property through the use of animal and fowl feeders until such feeders/devices have been removed. The Animal Control Bureau typically does not set/provide traps during inclement weather.