Accessing Recorded Subdivision Plats

Log into the Property Information System. Once on the Map Tab click on the "Tools" menu. Second from the top in the dropdown menu is "Identify," once this is selected the left panel will change to the "Active Tools" view. Select "Plat Link" from the dropdown menu on the left then simply click on a property on the map. The left panel will change again to the "Results" view, where one or more records will appear (if you've selected an area covered by a plat) in a list. Clicking the magnifying glass icon will focus the map on the extent of the plat. Clicking on the flashlight icon will highlight the area the plat covers. Clicking "more info..." will open the plat name and a link, which upon clicking will open the plat in a new browser window.

Only subdivision plats, boundary line adjustment plats and property line vacation plats are accessible. To find individual survey plats you will need to go to the York County Record Room located in the York-Poquoson Courthouse.