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Jun 29

Weekly SRP Activities: Magical Eggs, Princes & Princesses, and Jack & the Beanstalk

Posted on June 29, 2020 at 10:02 AM by Elizabeth Land

Summer Reading weekly activities
This summer, we're imagining our stories every day! Come to the Tabb Library to pick up activity bags for crafts, science experiments and more. Can't make it this week? Don't worry. Activities with related videos will be available on our YouTube page. Activities without videos will be posted right here!

Craft Time: Magic Eggs

Magic is a part of many myths, fantasy stories, and fairy tales. This week we will be making a magical egg! Is it a dragon’s egg, a mermaid’s egg, or something else? You decide! Magic Creature Eggs craft example


  1. Using PlayDoh or molding clay make an oval that fits in your hand. You could make it larger or smaller depending on what creature you want to make it for!
    • Don't have clay? You can also make your own with a simple flour recipe using 1 cup of Flour, ½ cup of Salt, and ½ cup of cold water!
  2. Once you have your shape, press beads, seeds, beans, buttons or sequins into your clay.
  3. Let it dry in the sun. After 24-48 hours, you can add extra decorations with markers or stickers!

While you are waiting for your egg to dry, write a story about the magical creature living in your egg! Send pictures of your creations and your stories to!

Additional Resources

Preschool Story Time: Princes and Princesses

Crown Craft exampleOur fairy tale theme is Princesses and Princes. Print out the crown from the links below and decorate it! We suggest coloring it and then using beads, buttons, gems or even beads and seeds as jewels!

Have fun and send pictures to!

Summer Science: Jack and the beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk Science Experiment exampleWhen Jack planted a magic bean in his backyard, he didn't know that it would sprout into a huge beanstalk that would set him on the course for adventure. Go on your own germination adventure at home with this fun summer science experiment!

  • 1 bean seed
  • 1 sealable plastic sandwich bag
  • 1 piece of paper towel
  1. Take a paper towel and lightly* dampen it with water. *You do not want the seed sitting in water.
  2. Place the seed next to the damp paper towel and seal in a sandwich bag.
  3. Tape or place the sandwich bag in a sunlit window.
  4. The seed will begin to sprout. Add more water to the paper towel as needed; it should always be damp.
  5. Once sprouted with roots, transfer the seed to soil. Plants need water, sunlight, soil and air to grow.

Share your fun: Document your bean's growth throughout the summer with the printable chart below and email pictures to

Summer Reading Details

This year for summer reading, we're imagining our stories every day! If you haven't registered for summer reading yet, there's still time to get in on the fun! Participation is virtual this year. The Beanstack website and app lets you track your progress toward challenges that encourage reading and fun. And we're providing a variety of story time, craft and science programs on our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Just visit our Summer Reading page to get all of the details and to sign up!