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Jul 11

Story Cubes Challenge: Weeks 1-3

Posted on July 11, 2020 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land


This year’s Summer Reading theme is “Imagine Your Story.”
Get in the spirit by channeling your inner writer and completing one of our weekly Story Cube Challenges.
Each week, a new set of story cubes will be released on Instagram. Choose one, some, or all of the cubes to use as inspiration. All that’s left is for you to write your story! You are welcome to submit stories for each week, though we cannot guarantee every submission will end up on the blog.

  • Stories should be no longer than 750 words. Longer submissions will not be used on the blog.
  • Please indicate which Week # of story cubes that you used. If you only chose to use certain cubes, indicate that as well.
  • Avoid profanity, extreme violence, sexually-explicit content, or other similar topics.

To successfully complete a Story Cube challenge, you must email your completed story, along with your name, age, and preferred library branch, to
Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email. Teens and Adults who are working toward an activity badge will get a one-time code to enter on Beanstack.
By submitting a story, you are agreeing to allow the library to share it for promotional reasons. The library reserves the right to not publish stories on the blog that do not meet the guidelines or as deemed inappropriate by

Story Cube Challenge Week 1
by Anonymous 
Once upon a time, there was a magnificent castle in the middle of a dense forest. Within the forest, a colony of enchanted frogs lived peacefully among the other forest creatures as well as the castle people, called castleites. SRP Story Cube Week 1
The frogs had a spell cast on them by the forest fairies which enabled them to communicate with the castleites. The frogs and the castleites got along well and established a peace treaty to live a violence-free existence within the forest.
One day, however, the castleite queen was strolling through the forest and discovered an old chest containing a bow and quiver. As the queen lifted the bow, it began to glow and she immediately understood the power within the mysterious weapon. The bow was indeed magical and gave the wielder power to know exactly where prey lay. While the queen knew that hunting was in breach of the peace treaty, she went quite mad with desire of using her new power. She gave in to her desire and abused the responsibility of owning such a powerful magical weapon by hunting wildlife and roasting the wild game over an open fire; thus, breaking the peace treaty with the frogs.
The frogs, now fiercely upset that the queen would do such a horrific act, met with the forest fairies who contacted Gaia, the goddess of the earth, for help ending the queen’s madness. Gaia was enraged by the actions of the queen, set severe storms into action throughout the forest and called upon Zeus to take action against the castleites. Zeus struck down the castle with his lightning rod and the castleites fled. To celebrate the return to peace in the forest, the frogs and fairies joined together arm-to-arm, singing merrily throughout the forest.
The End.
Story Cube Challenge Week 2:
How I Started Sailing the Seas

by Darcella C.
It all began with a steaming bowl of rice.I know it sounds odd but that is what happened.
SRP Story Cube for Week 2I was focusing my camera on a black raven that was atop a beach bench. As I brought the camera into focus and tried to blur the background I caught a man with a green backpack taking a bowl of rice from a table at the restaurant across the street. He swiped it as the table occupant was returning and began running in my direction. The furious rice owner was hot on his trail. I thought, "Why not just get another bowl from the restaurant?"
The rice thief ran past me headed toward the fishing pier. I could not believe what I saw waiting there. It was a pirate ship at the end of the pier! I had never seen any ships or boats that close to the pier.
In my amazement, I began running after the rice thief. I just had to get a picture of this ship up close. It’s not every day that you see something this amazing.
As I approached the ship and prepared to get my shot, the rice thief seemed to fly onto the ship and wave at me. He then signaled me to come on.
Well you only have a quick moment to decide on adventure so I ran and leapt onto the ship.
The rice thief welcomed me aboard and told me we were now destined for great adventures that would include giant sea octopus, magical beans and treasures that were from the greatest Kings and Queens.
And so my adventures on the high seas began all with a bowl of steaming rice.