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Jul 13

Weekly SRP Activities: Magical Characters, Magic & Illusions

Posted on July 13, 2020 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Summer Reading weekly activities
This summer, we're imagining our stories every day! Come to the Tabb Library to pick up activity bags for crafts, science experiments and more. Can't make it this week? Don't worry. Activities with related videos will be available on our YouTube page. Activities without videos will be posted right here!

Craft Time: Characters

Examples of characters you can create at home, including giants, gnomes and fairiesAll stories need characters! Good or bad, they are the stars of the story! Think about some characters common in fairy tales, myths, and fantasy stories. We've thought of a king, queen, princess, prince, knight, fairy, elf, gnome, mermaid, ogre, giant, cyclops, troll, wizard, witch, grandmother, woodcutter, alien, superhero, etc. Can you think of any others. Now pick your favorite and with a few items found around the house, you can make your own characters!


  1. Cut out people using paper or cardstock. Then find items around the house to make clothes, hair, shoes, etc. for a character for your story. If you need help with the basic shape, print off the blank character page linked below.
  2. Objects around the house you could use include: tin foil, buttons, yarn, felt, popsicle sticks, plastic spoons and so much more!
  3. Write a story using your character and send the story and a picture of your creation to
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Preschool Story Time: Magic

Example of a magic wand you can create at homeOur fairy tale theme is Magic! This week we are challenging our SRP participants to make a wand using a popsicle stick or other long, thin object. Color your wand and glue stars, jewels, beads, stones, or any other small objects to it. Here is an example that Mrs. Magda made for you:

Have fun and don't forget to send pictures of your creations to!

Summer Science: Illusions

In many of our fantasy stories, the main character has special tools or powers that help keep them safe from danger. Some wizards and magicians can use magic to make them invisible, such as when Harry Potter uses a magical cloak to become invisible.

A snowy owl is an example of animal camouflageIn the natural world, too, some animals use the "magic" of science to become invisible by utilizing camouflage. For example, Snowy Owls - like Harry's pet owl Hedwig - are white with black flecks, just like the snowy backdrop of their natural environment. In this week's Summer Science program, we are sharing some examples of nature and science "magically" tricking the eye. Click on the link below to download a pdf of more examples of science illusions, as well as related reading and an activity page.

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Summer Reading Details

This year for summer reading, we're imagining our stories every day! If you haven't registered for summer reading yet, there's still time to get in on the fun! Participation is virtual this year. The Beanstack website and app lets you track your progress toward challenges that encourage reading and fun. And we're providing a variety of story time, craft and science programs on our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Just visit our Summer Reading page to get all of the details and to sign up!