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Aug 27

Get the content from our August To-Go Kits

Posted on August 27, 2020 at 8:43 AM by Elizabeth Land

Library to offer Activity To-Go kits
While the library has reopened to the public, our in-person programming is on hiatus. But never fear, library staff created To-Go Kits for those who are missing our library programs. Supplies are limited, though, so if you couldn't get to the library in time, we have you covered. Today we will highlight August's To-Go Kits, featuring crafts, booklists and even a science experiment.

Craft Kit: Garden Decorations 
Check out this list of Library books featuring gardens. Now it's time to do your craft!

This month we made wind chimes that you can use to decorate your garden! Instructions adapted from the Where Imagination Grows blog. Kids can learn to make garden chimes with today's craft instructions
  1. Gather your supplies. You will need: a stick, lengths of string, ribbon or beading wire, pony beads, jingle bells and anything else you want to decorate your strings and stick.
  2. Put the end of the string, ribbon or beading wire through the bell. Twist together to hold. 
  3. Add beads, as well as anything else that you want to attach to your string, in whatever pattern you like. 
  4. Make sure you leave space to attach it to the stick.
  5. Wrap the ends around the stick. 
  6. Decorate the stick however you wish.Get creative! 
  7. Then attach more string to the stick so that you can hang it in your garden. 
Science Kit: Invisible Ink
Check out this list of library books featuring spies and codes. Now it's time to conduct an experiment.

  1. Gather the following supplies: Tablespoon, 2 Small bowls, Baking soda, Rubbing alcohol, ½ teaspoon turmeric spice, 2 Q-tips, and cardstock paper.
  2. In one bowl mix 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon water
  3. In second bowl mix the ½ teaspoon of turmeric with 3 tablespoons rubbing alcohol. If you do not have any rubbing alcohol you can also use water however the results will not be as intense. WARNING: turmeric stains! Be careful around your clothes and it would be a good idea to protect your counters with newspaper.
  4. Dip a Q-tip into the baking soda solution and use it to write a secret message or picture on the cardstock paper. Re-wet the Q-tip if necessary but be careful to not soak the paper too much.
  5. Let the paper dry completely. You may notice a little baking soda powder on your paper. Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe off the residual baking soda.
  6. Dip the second Q-tip into the turmeric solution and paint over all your invisible writings.
What happened?
Turmeric changes color depending on if it comes in contact with a base or acid. Baking soda is basic so when the turmeric contacts the baking soda in the paper fibers it changes from yellow to deep red. 

Just for fun try some other solutions around the kitchen and see if they react with the baking soda. You could try some dark juices like purple grape juice or blueberry juice. Also try some vinegar with food coloring. See what happens with that since most of us are familiar with what happens when baking soda and vinegar mix.

Take it a step farther and replace the baking soda and water with an acid like lemon juice or vinegar to write your message. As mentioned above turmeric reacts differently when it comes in contact with a base or acid. This will let you discover how it reacts when it contacts an acid. 
Have fun and keep exploring!

Snuggle Story Kit: Explore the Beach
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Preschool Story Kit: Frogs
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Tiny & Toddler Story Kit: Bathtime
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