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Mar 23

Teen Tuesdays: March is Women's History Month

Posted on March 23, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

March is Women's History Month. Check out this nonfiction books about women for teens, available

History is full of women who made changes, stood up to injustice, and did incredible things. These women often get overlooked. But March is Women's History Month and this month, we're taking time to acknowledge what these women from around the world did to change history.

Nonfiction books about Women

  • Paiute Princess: The story of Sarah Winnemucca by Deborah Ray
    Summary: Born into the Northern Paiute tribe of Nevada in 1844, Sarah Winnemucca straddled two cultures: the traditional life of her people, and the modern ways of her grandfather's white friends. Sarah was smart and good at languages, so she was able to link the worlds. As she became older, this made her a great leader. Sarah used condemning letters, fiery speeches, and her autobiography, Life Among the Piutes, to provide detailed accounts of her people's turmoil through years of starvation, unjust relocations, and violent attacks.  Wheels of Change book cover
  • Wheels of Change: How women rode the bicycle to freedom by Sue Macy
    Summary: Take a lively look at women's history from aboard a bicycle, which granted females the freedom of mobility and helped empower women's liberation. Through vintage photographs, advertisements, cartoons, and songs, Wheels of Change transports readers to bygone eras to see how women used the bicycle to improve their lives.
  • Lifting as We Climb: Black women's battle for the ballot box by Evette Dionne
    Summary: Women of color, especially African American women, were fighting for their right to vote and to be treated as full, equal citizens of the United States. Their battlefront wasn't just about gender. African American women had to deal with white abolitionist-suffragists who drew the line at sharing power with their black sisters. They had to overcome deep, exclusionary racial prejudices that were rife in the American suffrage movement. And they had to maintain their dignity—and safety—in a society that tried to keep them in its bottom ranks. Lifting as We Climb is the empowering story of African American women who refused to accept all this.

All of these titles are available in the York County Public Library Juvenile Nonfiction collection. There are so many more than just what we have listed here! Check out this book list to find even more titles about the extraordinary women in history.