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Jul 23

Teen Craft: Pet Toys

Posted on July 23, 2021 at 11:54 AM by Elizabeth Land

The theme for week three of our 2021 Summer Reading Challenge is Dr. Doolittle and friends.

This summer, the York County Public Library wants teens to go wild with crafts. As part of the Tails & Tales summer reading program, we are offering free Teen Craft Kits, while supplies last. Just visit the Tabb Library Teen Area or use the Grafton Annex Curbside Pickup Services to get your craft kit. This week's theme Dr. Doolittle & Friends, which celebrates our pets. We're making toys for your dog or cat. Don't forget to check out our Week 3 Middle and High School Book List to find your next read.

Towel Dog Toy

SuppliesTeens and tweens can make a dog toy out of old towels.

  • old towels, torn into 3 wide strips and 2 narrow strips


  1. Hold the wide strips together and tie a narrow strip around them near one end.
  2. Braid the 3 wide strips.
  3. Tie the second narrow strip around the other end to secure the braid.
  4. Find your favorite pupper and play a game of tug of war!

Cat Wand

SuppliesTeens and tweens can make a pom-pom cat wand toy.

  • Pom pom maker template (Click the link to download a pdf.
  • 2 balls of different colored yarn
  • 14 pices of yarn (cut from one of the yarn balls)
  • straw
  • washi tape


  1. Click on this link to download a copy of instructions for making your own pom pom maker template.
  2. Take the end of your 2 yarn balls and while holding them together, start wrapping the yarn around the cut out template.
  3. Keep going until you run out of yarn
  4. Slide your scissors between the 2 layers of cardboard and cut the wrapped yarn all the way around.
  5. Take the 14-inch piece of yarn and slide it between the two layers of cardboard, then tie a double knot around the middle fo the yarn ball.
  6. Slide the ball through the wedge cutout and fluff it up to make your pom pom!
  7. Slip the end of the 14-inch piece of yarn into one end of the straw. Secure it with washi tape.
  8. Find your favorite kitty cat to torment with your new wand.

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