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Jul 12

Review The Productivity Project

Posted on July 12, 2017 at 4:25 PM by Elizabeth Land

When April arrives, so does new energy for spring cleaning and motivation to organize your life. But sometimes a lack of productivity can stand in the way of successfully accomplishing your goals. That's where Chris Bailey's book, The Productivity Project, can help.

The Productivity ProjectWithin the first chapter of The Productivity Project, Chris Bailey spills the beans on the three ingredients of productivity: Time, attention and energy. He explains that the balance of these leads you to accomplishing your goals. But the value of Bailey's book is not in knowing these factors, but following along on Bailey's journey and absorbing the lesson that productivity has more important benefits than getting more done every day.

But don't worry, Bailey does spend some time giving you tips and tricks on how to get more productive. Each chapter closes with a challenge that aims to both drive home the theme of the chapter and help you begin to actively work on your productivity. His truthful anecdotes endear you to him and his process, while making you feel that the goal of becoming more productive is something you believe in wholeheartedly.

The most essential lesson you can take away from this book is that we need to be kinder to ourselves. Whether that's eating healthier or journaling one positive thing that happened to you every day, becoming more productive isn't worth anything if your happiness and quality of life suffers. Indeed, self-directed kindness is so important that it is one of the last things Bailey leaves you with:

"The kinder you are to yourself as you become more productive, the more productive you will become."

To me, it is this underlying theme that sets Bailey's perspective apart from other works on productivity. If you've ever wondered what productivity should look like, this is the place to start. And if you find that you can't get enough information on productivity, we have plenty of books on time management for you to check out next. Request your copy today by calling the library at 890-5100 or visiting our online catalog.