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Jul 27

Review: Hey Harry, Hey Matilda

Posted on July 27, 2017 at 9:44 AM by Elizabeth Land

While there are plenty of novels about romantic relationships, the unique relationship between siblings can sometimes fade to the background. But some of the most engaging novels revolve around siblings — their similarities, their epic feuds, the individual decisions they make that inevitably affect each other. Whether you have siblings of your own, or always wondered what that relationship was like, there are some great books featuring siblings out there.


Hey Harry Hey Matilda by Rachel HulinOne that recently published is called Hey Harry, Hey Matilda. Rachel Hulin's debut novel, the story revolves around Harry and Matilda, two adult twins commiserating over their shared inability to find success in their lives. Harry is a literature professor who aspired to be an author but remains both unpublished and untenured. Matilda is an artist whose side job as a wedding photographer has necessarily become her "real" job. Both unlucky in love, the two give each other advice and encouragement, influenced by their uniquely formed outlook on life and their bond as twins.

What is unique about this novel is that the author chooses to relay her characters' stories through emails between the two. Sometimes depressing and often hilarious, sprinkled with charts and lists, the emails do an excellent job of revealing the depths of their relationship while maintaining a surprisingly fast pace. The novel is perfect for readers who like realistic fiction about people fumbling through their lives well into adulthood.

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