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Feb 11

Teen Volunteer Opportunity Announced

Posted on February 11, 2019 at 2:40 PM by Elizabeth Land

Calling all teens!
Do you want to support the library while sharing your love of reading? Then York County Public Library has the teen volunteer opportunity you have been waiting for!

The library is looking to promote the wonderful books we have to offer to teens and adults. We hope that teens just like you will review your favorite titles and share them on the library's blog, Off the Beaten Shelf.
York County Public Library calls for teen book reviews for library blog. Call 757-890-5110.


Submitted reviews should be a minimum of 250-500 words each. Each book review will count as 1 hour of volunteer time (unless research, revision, etc took you longer then you can state how long it took you). Each 100 pages you read for a book review also counts as an hour of volunteer time. I will keep track of your time using a Google Doc and can print it out as proof of your contribution of time. Book reviews do not need to be approved before they are submitted to the Youth Services Coordinator.

You can also write articles on topics of importance to you and your fellow teens. Each article will count as 1 hour of volunteer time. Article topics should be sent to our Youth Services Coordinator for approval before you write them.

This content will be going on our public website blog, and possibly linked to Facebook. Since you are representing the York County, you must maintain a quality of language, word choice, and ensure that you appropriately represent the County. Topics can include local events, projects you are working on in school, video games or other hobbies you are interested in, etc.

Tips for writing your book review


Feel free to read the book reviews that other local teens have already written for our blog by visiting the Teens Review section.

Book reviews should discuss an author's technique, strengths and weaknesses — don't just summarize the plot. Does the story flow? Is there a strong sense of character and place? Did you stay up until dawn to finish it? Is it good reading for teenagers? What impact did it have on you and why? If you've read other books by the same author, discuss how this book compares.

Steps to writing a book review
  • Read book reviews on websites like and or blogs like www.suchanovelidea.comto get an idea of the format required.
  • Read a book of your choice that is part of the York County Public Library collection (in any format).
  • Write a 1 to 2 paragraph review of the book. Include a description of the book, stating why you liked or disliked it, and if you recommend it to others; avoid sharing any plot twists or the ending. You want people to know whether they should take the time to read the book.
  • Make sure your review is spelled correctly and uses correct punctuation and grammar. Purdue OWL and the Literacy Reference Center provide writing tools and a glossary.

Please include the following information before your book review:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Title of Book Reviewed
  • Author
  • Number of Pages
  • Rating (1-5 Stars)

For more information, contact Youth Services coordinator Jenna Shillingburg at or call Tabb Library Youth Services at 757-890-5110.