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Mar 18

Teens Review: Restart

Posted on March 18, 2019 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Title: Restart by Gordon Korman
Reviewer: John A.
Rating: 4 Stars

Restart by Gordon Korman book coverThis was not a book that I would have read willingly, but I am pretty glad it was assigned. Restart is the story of a boy named Chase Ambrose. During the story he gets amnesia, and because he lost his memory he has to find his life.

In Restart, Gordon Korman does an excellent job of making sure you know what is happening with all of the characters. The way he does that is by switching to a different character in every chapter. When he does this, it helps that you know what is happening with characters even if they are not with the main character at that very moment.

Another thing Gordon Korman does pretty well is how he spreads out details. The way he does this is unlike some other authors who pile you with information at the beginning. He gives you the information as you need it, so then you do not have to keep flipping to the front when you forget something given to you at the beginning.

The final thing Gordon Korman does is he actually makes it close to what middle school life is like. He adds the iconic bully that is in all middle school stories, but he gives the bully depth. Then you can understand why the bully does what he does. Korman also shows how middle school works. For example, if you play a sport like football, which requires you to be very strong, then you end up on the top of the middle school food chain. It is the opposite for kids who are in say video club, like in Restart, or just are not in a sport at all because they are not as athletic. They end up on the bottom of the middle school food chain.

I think it is a good read for teens. One reason it is a good read for teens is that it shows when bullying is just taken too far. Moreover it shows that it is possible to forgive someone even if they were not a really good person in the past. Many things can change people. Ultimately my last reason for why I think it is a good read for teens is that it just shows everyone can change.

I would definitely recommend it to my friends. I would also recommend it to people who are into any kind of middle or high school dramas. Furthermore, I would recommend it even if you are not in to dramas, as it is just a good book in general. It is so good that once I picked it up I was hooked and then I stayed up all night reading it. I could not put it down.

Finally, the impact the book had on me was a decent sized one. Once I read Restart, I started to think about some people out there who end up getting amnesia. It is definitely way harder to fit in than Chase. Restart also got me thinking about how badly veterans are treated. I decided I should help our country’s veterans. Whenever I could I would help veterans or donate to causes that help veterans. Those are the impacts Restart had on me.

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