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Jul 20

Music Notes: Jingle Bells and Thanksgiving

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on July 20, 2017 at 3:41 PM by Elizabeth Land

Notes from the Music Staff logoStaff Note: Notes from the Music Staff is a series of posts discussing what the library offers music fans. From our widely varied collection of music CDs to our nonfiction and fiction books covering all aspects of music, we've got something for everyone and we want to share our love of music with you!

We at the York County Library want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! The 2016 Thanksgiving holiday hours for both branches are as follows:

2016 Thanksgiving Closing Schedule for the York County Virginia Library

Speaking of Thanksgiving, while it may seem a little early to discuss Christmas music, now is actually the perfect time to discuss one of America's most popular Yuletide tunes: "Jingle Bells". Penned by James Lord Pierpont in 1850s Savannah, GA, "Jingle Bells" — originally titled "The One Horse Open Sleigh" — was intended to be played for Thanksgiving.

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Jul 14

Reading the Red Planet

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on July 14, 2017 at 11:43 AM by Elizabeth Land

Mission to Mars by Buzz AldrinHumanity has known about our closest planetary neighbors since ancient times, when they earned the names Venus and Mars. While Venus is the closest planet to Earth, it has been the Red Planet that has truly captured our collective imagination. Through hundreds of short stories, novels, radio plays, television shows and movies, humanity has imagined what life on Mars could be like. This imagination has stretched into the scientific world, with NASA being the driving force behind plans to explore and — eventually — colonize this world.

York County Library also has plenty of books on Mars, from imaginative fiction to informative nonfiction. Check out the books below, or search our online catalog for more resources.

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