Several apps from the Android store have recently been identified as bad. Specifically they can be used to access your banking apps and bypass many security measures. Per “Tom’s Hardware Guide” these apps are:
• PDF Reader - Edit & View PDF -lsstudio.pdfreader.powerfultool.allinonepdf.goodpdftools
• PDF Reader & Editor - com.proderstarler.pdfsignature
• PDF Reader & Editor - moh.filemanagerrespdf
• All Document Reader & Editor -
• All Document Reader and Viewer - com.muchlensoka.pdfcreator

It is recommended that if you have these apps installed on your phone that you remove them immediately. You can find more detailed information at:

Stay safe,
Tim Wyatt
York County IT Department

York County, Virginia 2023
224 Ballard Street, Yorktown, VA 23690