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Employee Feedback > Training and Education Online Course (YPDSS)

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  2. We are committed to providing quality programs for YPDSS employees. This course evaluation provides a valuable source of information to assist us in assessing the overall quality of the training and education resources and programming that are made available to you. Our goal is continual improvement.
  3. Please help us evaluate the course content by responding to these statements.
  4. The material presented was useful and easy to follow.*
  5. My knowledge or skill level has increased.*
  6. This online training course will directly impact my performance in a positive way. *
  7. I would recommend this online course to others.*
  8. Please rate the OVERALL VALUE of this online training course.*
  10. Please share at least one thing you enjoyed learning about!

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  12. Please provide an OVERALL RATING for the online course based on your experience today (content, visual design, videos, resources, etc.).*
  13. Thank you so much for your time and feedback today. It is greatly appreciated!
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