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Feedback > Training and Education (YPDSS)

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  2. We are committed to providing quality programs for YPDSS employees. This course evaluation provides a valuable source of information to assist us in assessing the overall quality of the training and education resources and programming that are made available to you. Our goal is continual improvement.
  3. What was the nature of the training or education request?*
  4. Please help us evaluate our trainer's skills by responding to these statements.
  5. The trainer encouraged questions and answered them clearly.*
  6. The trainer's communication style kept me focused and interested.*
  7. The trainer was open to suggestions and was courteous during our interaction.*
  8. Did the Training Specialist clearly understand and address your specific question(s) or issue(s)?
  9. The specialist addressed my requested needs for training and education information in a satisfactory manner.*
  10. The specialist was engaged and took my request seriously.*
  11. Training Specialist Rating > Please provide an overall rating for the trainer.*
  12. Thank you so much for your time and feedback today. It is appreciated!
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