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Online Learning - Course Review (Ethics Course)

  1. online learning_YPDSS
  2. ETHICS AND EFFECTIVE DECISIONS COURSE REVIEW > > Thank you for your participation today. This brief review will be used to verify you have understood the content presented. You must receive a total score of at least 80% correct, in order to receive credit for this course.
  3. What is your reason for taking the course today?*
  4. Knowledge Assessment
  5. The definition of "Four Square Protocol" is:*
  6. The first step of the Four Square Protocol is to investigate to see if any similar situations have happened at your organization in the past.*
  7. Which one of these IS NOT true of "values?"*
  8. Which of these IS NOT one of the steps in a normal decision making process?*
  9. Once your answers are reviewed > if you attained a score of 80% or better, a Certificate of Completion will be sent to you via email.
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