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A Message From the Commonwealth Attorney

Our criminal justice system has historically focused upon affording the accused a fair and impartial trial. As a witness or victim of a crime, you may be experiencing feelings of confusion, fear or anger about the crime, its aftermath, or what is being done about it in court. You can be certain that as Commonwealth's Attorney for the County of York and City of Poquoson, I am deeply concerned that you obtain justice and are treated with respect and sensitivity.

With increased public attention given to the plight of crime victims and witnesses in recent times, the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office strongly supports, and encourages you to utilize the services of the Victim-Witness Program. 
Ben Hahn - Commonwealth Attorney
Through it we hope to relieve your confusion, fear and anger, and to minimize the disruption of your daily life which has been caused by this crime.

This site has been prepared to provide you information on our court system and to give you an understanding of the various steps in the criminal case in which you are involved. Further, information is provided on remedies and other community support available to you as a victim or witness of a crime.

We cannot successfully prosecute crime without your cooperation and support. We appreciate your giving us that aid, and we will do all we can to help you in return. Should you have other questions or need further information, please call the Victim-Witness Assistance Program at (757) 890-3402.

Commonwealth's Attorney
Benjamin M. Hahn

About the Office

All Commonwealth's Attorneys prosecute the most serious crimes, known as felonies, including murder, rape, and robbery. In many jurisdictions, they also prosecute misdemeanors and violations of local ordinances, including traffic offenses. In addition, they perform other duties and responsibilities as specified in the Virginia Constitution and Virginia Code. In Virginia, Commonwealth's Attorneys may be employed full-time or part-time, depending on the size of the jurisdiction served. Most full-time Commonwealth's Attorneys have a support staff of appointed assistants to help handle the prosecution of cases within his or her jurisdiction.

In York County and Poquoson, the Commonwealth's Attorney is Benjamin M. Hahn. His staff is made up of 6 attorneys and four secretaries/legal assistants. His office also includes the Victim-Witness Assistance Program for York County and Poquoson. At various times during the year, both the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office and the Victim-Witness Assistance Program may have several interns or volunteers.