Fire and Rescue Operations


Fire and Rescue Operations includes emergency response operations and non-emergency response services from the county's 6 fire stations. The delivery of these operations and services include: incident management, fire suppression/firefighting, emergency medical care and transportation, rescue and hazardous materials response, as well as the delivery of fire, injury prevention and life safety public education programs/services in support of the Prevention and Life Safety Division or other departmental divisions.

The Fire and Rescue Operations Division comprises the largest portion of the department. This division is made up of 3 shifts, each working 24 hours on duty and then 24 hours off over a 15 day period. Each shift is comprised of fire and rescue operational members who respond from 6 neighborhood fire stations. These stations are located in the Grafton, Tabb, Bruton, Yorktown, Lightfoot/Skimino, and Seaford communities of York County.