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May 28

Reading through the Library: Mystery series

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on May 28, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Read through the library with these staff picks based on specific genres.

A study in Charlotte book coverWant to try new books but not sure where to go or what to read? The easiest way to find new books is through readalikes, which is a way of grouping books based on factors such as genre, topic, or characters. In our Reading through the Library series, we'll take you on a journey through the library, focusing on books that have similar themes, but show up in every section of the library, from juvenile to adult. Go on a journey through the library with us.

Today we will explore some puzzling mysteries, from every age section of the library. Whether you read them all to see how mysteries are handled for different ages, or if every member of your family reads a different age, we've got a recommendation for everyone. To check out our staff picks, click on "Continue Reading..." below.

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Jul 18

Review: Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on July 18, 2017 at 2:58 PM by Elizabeth Land

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mewd by Alan Bradley

There is something about fall weather that makes you want to curl up with a good mystery. While the York County Library has plenty of mysteries to choose from, Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd—the latest Flavia de Luce mystery by Alan Bradley—should surely be at the top of your list.

The precocious 11-year-old debuted in 2009 with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. In it, we meet Flavia de Luce, a young girl living in her family's crumbling manor home in the English countryside in 1950. She spends her days in her beloved chemistry lab while hiding from her encounters with her dreaded older sisters. But life gets a whole lot more exciting when she witnesses a death in her garden and sets out to solve the mystery before her father takes the blame.

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Jul 13

Review: The Bookman's Tale

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on July 13, 2017 at 2:54 PM by Elizabeth Land

The Bookman's Tale

In case you haven't heard about the many celebrations of William Shakespeare that have abounded this month, here is your notice that Virginia Shakespeare Initiative has only just begun to celebrate the most famous playwright of all time. Why start in April? According to the Folger Shakespeare Library, experts agree that William Shakespeare was probably born on April 23, 1564, based on the record of his baptism on April 26, 1564. Reading his plays isn't always everyone's cup of tea, but you can still get your Shakespeare fix with plenty of intriguing novels and nonfiction explorations of his life. One of my favorite novels is The Bookman's Tale by Charlie Lovett, which poses the question that many scholars have attempted to answer over the years: Did Shakespeare really write the plays that made him a renowned the world over?

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