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May 21

How to Get Rid of a Reading Slump

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on May 21, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Did you know that May is Get Caught Reading Month? But what happens if you are in a reading slump and can't bring yourself to read. How do you celebrate? Well you break your slump, of course, and we're here to tell you how.

How to get out of a reading slump

Everyone hits a slump where you just don’t seem all that interested in reading anymore. Top 5 ways to get rid of a reading slumpWhether books aren't meeting your reading needs or you're not sure where to turn next, here are some quick and easy tips to try to get out of the slump.
  1. Change up the genre. We don't mean you have to stop reading your favorite genre. For example, if you are fantasy lover, try one of the subgenres, like Urban Fantasy or Magic Realism. By bouncing around subgenres, you can experience the wide range your favorite genre has to offer, while bringing in just enough new elements to spark your interest.
  2. Allow yourself to have a Did Not Finish (DNF) list. Do not feel like you have to finish a book just because everyone else loves it. You do not have to like the classics or even the newest hottest trending book. We want you to know it's okay to put down a book. There are millions of wonderful books out their waiting to be read. So move on to the next great read without feeling guilty for not finishing the last one. And if you check out books at the library, you're not even losing money because all the books are free! 
  3. Try e-book scrolling. Having issues focusing? E-book scrolling might be just the ticket for you. Here is how to set up scrolling text for a Kindle: 
    1. Open your Kindle book
    2. Under the font setting (Aa) you will find four tabs: Font, Layout, Themes, and More.
    3. Under Layout, below Background Color is at the button for Continuous Scrolling.
    4. Turning it on allows you to focus on the words without having to advance the text.
  4. Keep it short and easy. Been out of reading for a while? Then pick up a short book or re-read one of your favorite books. You can even try one of our short story collections, which allow you to read new fiction without committing the time a full-length novel might require.
  5. Ask a librarian! The York County Public Library has plenty of staff who can help you find a book to snap you out of your slump. You can stop by the library, or you can subscribe to one of our email newsletters, which deliver staff picks and library events right to your inbox!

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Apr 13

Teen Tuesdays: Money Smart College Tips

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on April 13, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Money Smart Week is April 10-17, 2021It's Money Smart Week! Celebrated April 10-17, 2021, libraries across the country are highlighting financial tips for all ages. So for this week's Teen Tuesdays post, we wanted to share an important financial topic for all of our teens and tweens: College finances.

For some of you, high school is coming to a close; for others it's just starting. Even if you aren't reaching the end of your high school career, many of you are already considering heading to college. Before you begin packing, here are some easy tips on how to save some money. To read our tips and find resource suggestion, click on "Continue Reading..." below.

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