Can I get an extension?
Requirements and rules for automatic 6-month extension for filing income tax returns:
- If you file more than 6-months after the original due date, the extension will not apply, and you will be subject to the late filing penalty of 6% of the tax due per month or part of a month, not to exceed 30%.
- If you file your return within the extension date, and you did not pay at least 90% of your tax due, you will be subject to an extension penalty of 2% per month. The extension penalty is applied to the balance of the tax that was due, May 1, through the date the return is filed. The maximum extension penalty is 12%.
- Interest will be charged on the tax due amount, even if you meet the 90% payment requirement for returns with an automatic 6-month extension.
- No application for an extension is required.
- This extension does not extend the time to pay.
- You must pay at least 90% of your tax due by the original due date using a voucher, form 760IP.

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