Is there a dress code for Court appearances?
Proper attire and behavior are required of everyone who enters a courtroom. Clothing must be clean and properly worn. The following list of prohibited attire and behavior will be enforced in the courtroom:
- NO cell phones are permitted.
- Bare feet or "flip flops"
- Chewing gum or bubble gum
- Exposed midriffs or stomachs
- Exposed underwear
- Halter tops
- Offensive, violent, obscene or suggestive slogans or caricatures displayed on clothing
- Shorts
- Skirts that do not extend at least to the middle of the thigh while sitting
- Slacks, trousers or jeans that can only be supported by the wearer's hands
- Tank tops

Anyone who is chewing gum or is not properly dressed upon entering a courtroom may be sent away until properly attired, or may be found in contempt of court and subjected to a fine, or incarceration, or both. The maximum punishment could be incarceration for up to ten days and/or a fine of up to $250.

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