Administrative Services


The Administrative Services Division is composed of 14 personnel both sworn and civilian, and includes the following sections:
  • Accreditation
  • Computer Services/Records
  • Crime Prevention
  • DARE
  • Evidence/Property
  • Fiscal Services
  • Training


The Accreditation section is responsible for achieving and maintaining state law enforcement accreditation and developing and updating agency policy.

Computer Services

Computer Services is made up of 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, and 1 Programmer/work as required staff. Computer Services is tasked with a variety of duties to include the coordination of the security and administration of the Body Worn Camera Program, the Sheriff's Office record management system, LINx security and system administrators, and acts as a liaison for the County Computer Support Services. Computer Services is also tasked with overseeing incident report entry and approval, and transmittal of IBR information to the Virginia State Police. Computer Services coordinates and maintains all Sheriff's Office Computers, to include in-car computers. The unit performs testing and functional reviews of all technology projects being considered by the Sheriff's Office to insure compatibility with existing systems and future needs.

Computer Services coordinates the use of all advanced electronic devices for selected Deputies that have the capability of running queries in VCIN and DMV to include obtaining photographs from DMV. These devices have the additional capability of querying the Sheriff
's Office records management system to assist in various law enforcement duties.

The Sergeant of Computer Services is also in charge of Crime Analysis and Criminal Intelligence which consists of tracking crime trends in York County and other jurisdictions in the Hampton Roads area, and keeping an open line of communication between our jurisdiction and others.
Our future technology projects include the maintenance and replacement of Body Worn Cameras, along with in-car cameras, constantly evaluating what is in use and what can be improved upon to better serve the citizens

Crime Prevention

In July 2001, Sheriff Diggs fulfilled his campaign promise of establishing a Crime Prevention Unit with one deputy sheriff. By 2004, Sheriff Diggs saw the need to increase the unit’s size and therefore created another position. The Crime Prevention Unit has two full time deputies that operate out of the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office. 

The Crime Prevention Unit’s mission is to create awareness among York County residents and merchants as to the roles that they can provide in the reduction and/ or prevention of crime. This mission is obtained through providing numerous presentations to the communities and civic organizations on topics such as Personal Safety, Home Security, Identity Theft, Neighborhood Watch, Refuse to be a Victim ®, and Internet Safety to name a few. The Crime Prevention Unit also coordinates several highly regarded programs such as, but not limited to, the Sheriff’s Citizen Academy, Project Lifesaver, Robbery Prevention, and Residential and Commercial Security Surveys, and Eddie Eagle Gun Safety. If you have any questions or would like to host a presentation, please feel free to contact Deputy Alan Bartnikowski at 757-890-3639 or Deputy First Class Shawn Kekoa-Dearhart at 757-890-3642.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

This section is tasked with providing a comprehensive drug and violence prevention education program for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. D.A.R.E. represents a collaborative effort between school and law enforcement personnel. The program is nationally coordinated by D.A.R.E. America with input from state and local agencies. The primary goals of D.A.R.E. are to prevent substance abuse among school children and help them develop effective resistance techniques.


The Evidence/Property section provides support to the overall law enforcement mission by maintaining the custody of evidence and ensuring the availability and readiness of agency equipment. The evidence/property officer transports evidence to and from the state crime laboratory and testifies in court as required on custody issues.

Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is tasked with performing complex financial work involving payroll time recording, accounts payable, purchasing, and worker's compensation documentation. Fiscal Services maintains close liaison with the state compensation board on reimbursement of county expenses as authorized to the Sheriff, a local constitutional officer.


The mission of the Training Division is to transform uniformed and civilian members of the Police Department into law enforcement professionals, equipped with the necessary academic and tactical knowledge to protect the life, rights, property, and dignity of all the residents of the County of York.

We believe that a well-trained law enforcement professional will have a favorable impact on the communities they serve, will be respected by their peers, and will be emulated by other law enforcement agencies. We endeavor to facilitate training by utilizing technology, research and development, and meticulous instruction to ensure that members of the Sheriff's Office can continue to be lauded as York County's Finest.