May 17, 2022


Board Room
York Hall
301 Main Street
6:00 P.M.

Call to Order

Roll Call

Invocation  York County Youth Commission

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America


A 2022 Outstanding Youth Awards.  Presentation to the recipients of the Outstanding Youth Awards in the categories of Courage, Compassion, Community Service, and Overall Achievement.

B      York County Youth Commission.  Receive final quarterly report from the York County Youth Commission and presentation of a resolution of commendation to the 2021-2022 Youth Commissioners.

C      Youth Leadership Academy.  Receive presentation from David Godwin, Coordinator for the Youth Leadership Academy, and members of the Academy.





6:55 p.m.    RECESS

7:00 p.m.    PUBLIC HEARINGS

1 Six-Year Secondary Road Improvement Program.  Receive public comments jointly with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-86 to approve a project priority listing for secondary road construction for the six-year period Fiscal Year 2023 through Fiscal Year 2028 and to approve a construction budget for Fiscal Year 2023.  APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b       Proposed Six-Year Funding Allocations.
c.      Penniman Road/Government Road Preliminary Design.
d       Proposed Resolution R22-86.

2       Application UP-983-22, Tres Pollitos.  Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-49 to approve a Special Use Permit to authorize a tourist home at 533 Allens Mill Road.  CONTINUED TO AUGUST 16, 2022

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Planning Commission minutes excerpts, February 9, 2022.
c.      Zoning Map.
d.      Applicant’s Narrative Statement.
e.      Sketch Plan.
f.       Floor Plans.
g.      Citizen Comments.
h.      Proposed Resolution R22-49(R).

3      Real Estate Tax Relief for Elderly and Disabled Program.  Consider adoption of proposed Ordinance No. 22-10 to amend Chapter 21, Article III, Sections 21-42 and 21-44 of the York County Code to change the Gross Income Guidelines.  APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Proposed Ordinance No. 22-10.

4       York County Easement Conveyance – Arbordale Subdivision.  Consider adoption of proposed   Resolution R22-61 to execute Deeds of Easements on two parcels owned by the County located at 115Z Bulifants Boulevard and 528Z Bulifants Boulevard in order to convey variable width access and maintenance easements to the Arbordale Property Owners’ Association, Inc. and Bulifants Residential, L.L.C. for the construction and maintenance of segments of the Arbordale Planned Development Pedestrian System.  APPROVED

a.       Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.       Exhibit A – Arbordale Planned Development, York County GIS.
c.       Exhibit B – Arbordale Planned Development Map, AES Consulting Engineers.
d.       Exhibit C – Arbordale Planned Development Map, AES Consulting Engineers.
e.       Proposed Resolution R22-61.

5       Conveyance of Utility Easement to Newport News Waterworks across a portion of abandoned Champions Path, Woods of Tabb Subdivision. Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-83 to execute deeds and other documents as may be required to convey to Newport News Waterworks a waterline easement across property owned by the County and located near the existing water main on Champions Path, in connection with Phase Two of the Legacy Project. APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Letter from The Big Woods Development Company, LLC.
c.      Easement Exhibit.
d.      Proposed Resolution R22-83.



6     Approval of Minutes.  Consider approval of the minutes of the following meeting of the York County Board of Supervisors:  APPROVED

a.     Unapproved minutes of the April 5, 2022, Regular Meeting.

7       Application No. YVA-46-21, York County Economic Development Authority.  Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-80 to approve an application for a minor increase of nineteen percent for a previous Yorktown Village Activity approval for the Riverwalk Restaurant at 323, 327, and 331Z Water Street.  APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Vicinity Map.
c.       Narrative.
d.      Floor Plan.
e.      Renderings.
f.       Approving Resolution R04-11, adopted January 20, 2004.
g.      Riverwalk/Water Street Grille Design Update, October 27, 2021 memorandum
h.      Proposed Resolution R22-80.

8       Virginia Tourism Corporation American Rescue Plan Act Funding Acceptance and Appropriation.  Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-88 to accept and appropriate grant funding of $300,000 from the Virginia Tourism Corporation’s American Rescue Plan Act allocation.  APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Proposed Resolution R22-88.

9       Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) Shelter Upgrade Fund Grant Acceptance and Appropriation.  Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-87 to accept and appropriate grant funding of $449,920 from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management for the purchase and installation of two backup generators for York High School.  APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Proposed Resolution R22-87.

10     Fire and Rescue Apparatus Replacement.  Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-94 to authorize the County Administrator to make purchase arrangements for an aerial ladder truck with Atlantic Emergency Solutions.  APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Proposed Resolution R22-94.

11     Employee of the Quarter.  Consider adoption of proposed Resolution R22-85 to commend   and congratulate Kamil Riddick, Counselor II, Juvenile Services Division in the Department of Community Services, on his selection as the Employee of the Quarter.   APPROVED

a.      Memorandum from County Administrator.
b.      Proposed Resolution R22-85.




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The next Regular Meeting of the York County Board of Supervisors will be held at 8:30 a.m.., Friday, May 20, 2022, at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, Gerdelman Mezzanine, for the purpose of conducting a retreat.

NOTE:  Actions taken by the Board of Supervisors pertaining to discussions in Closed Meeting or to issues not on, or unrelated to, this published agenda will be noted in the archives of this meeting.