Employee Stories

We are proud of our culture and our employee's achievements 

and would like to share some of these stories with you.

Darren Williams, Waterfront Operations Supervisor - Tourism 
Amy Santiago, Accounting & Reporting Supervisor - Finance
Andy Barden, Battalion Chief - York County Fire and Life Safety
Beth Land, Branch Manager - Yorktown Library
Shawn Kekoa-Dearhart, Master Deputy Sheriff - YPSO
Chase Emerson, Building Systems Superintendent - DPW
Landon Prever, Construction Inspector - DPW
Brien Lee, CAD/System Support Specialist - E911 Communications
Kevin Ritchie, Event Planner - Tourism Development
Ashleigh Randolph, Landscape Technician, DPW
Amber Richey, Children & Family Services Manager - CS
Claiborn Phillips, GIS Manager - Information Technology
Minnie Sippio, Aging, Health & Disabilities Coordinator - CS
Timothy Wyatt, Deputy Director of Information Technology
Lacy New, Firefighter - York County Fire and Life Safety
Heather Schott, Administrative Coordinator/Deputy Clerk
Reggie Rivera, Captain - Fire and Life Safety