Personal Property Tax

Vehicle Valuations for Tax Year 2021

For tax year 2021, a general increase in vehicle values has been observed. Multiple factors have contributed to this unusual occurrence. Some of the key factors include:

  • the closing of some auto manufacturing plants to produce necessary Personal Protective Equipment for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • a shortage of preowned vehicles caused by rental agencies and other large fleet companies choosing not to replace inventory.
  • a strong demand, fueled by the Federal Reserve cutting the interest rates to near 0% in March of 2020.

As a result of a strong demand with a limited supply, as well as other factors, many vehicle valuations for tax year 2021 are not following the historical trend of depreciating from one year to the next.  

All cities and counties in Virginia have a personal property tax. York County taxes apply to: 

  • Boat trailers *
  • Boats
  • Business equipment, machinery and tools
  • Business furniture
  • Camping trailers *
  • Mobile homes **
  • Recreational vehicles * 
  • Utility trailers * 
  • Vehicles *
    • Buses
    • Cars
    • Motor homes
    • Motorcycles
    • Trucks

* You may be subject to a prorated personal property tax if you purchase or sell an item or move into or out of York County during the year. Tax bills are due annually, June 25 and December 5.
** Mobiles homes that are moved into York County during the year may be subject to a prorated personal property tax assessed on a quarterly basis.

Important News for Boat Owners - Personal and Business
Effective Tax Year 2017 and After

The York County Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance O17-2 to reduce the Personal Property Tax Rate on all boats to $0.000000001 per $100 value, thereby eliminating the tax on boats beginning Tax Year 2017. Previously, the tax rate on boats under 5 tons was $4.00 per $100 value and the tax rate on boats over 5 tons was $1.00 per $100 value. Boats and their value will appear on the tax bill, however, the tax due will be $0.00 for the entire tax year (first half due June 25th and second half due December 5th, annually).