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ATTENTION: Vehicle Value Increases for Tax Year 2022

York County citizens may notice that their vehicle value has increased for 2022, resulting in a higher tax bill than in previous years.  This is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which created supply and demand issues for the automotive industry and has impacted locality vehicle values state-wide.

The 'Code of Virginia', Title 58.1-3515 states that the "tax day" in Virginia is January 1st annually.  Title 58.1-3503 requires that all assessments be uniform and a recognized pricing guide be utilized.

In York County, vehicle assessments are ascertained from the 'NADA Official Used Car Guide' or 'NADA Official Older Used Car Guide'.  Vehicles are assessed using 100% of the "clean loan value" listed in the guide for the specific year, make and model of each vehicle and no additions are made for condition, mileage or extra options. 

For more information regarding the increase in vehicle value, you may wish to read the article "When Will Car Prices Come Back to Earth?" from Car and Driver.

Business may be conducted with our office via telephone, email, web, portal and drop box, as well as in person.  If you would like to visit our office, please consider submitting any applicable documentation to our office through the document upload portal prior to your visit.

Business Tax: 757-890-3383
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  State Income: 757-890-3381

York County Commissioner of the Revenue, Ann H. Thomas, is a publicly elected Constitutional Officer. As an elected Constitutional Officer, it is the responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue to uphold the Constitution and the laws of Virginia. This office keeps a continuous record of the revenue assessed, from which key projections are made to the County Administrator for preparation of the County’s annual budget. It also serves as a source of revenue data for researching and planning for the state and local community.

The scope of the work administered and processed, and the taxes assessed by the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office, is extremely broad and complex. This office plays a vital role in the multitude of services offered to taxpayers at the local level. Type of taxes administered by the Commissioner of the Revenue include:

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Commissioner of the Revenue

York County Commissioner of the Revenue Ann Thomas is pictured receiving a Proclamation of Recogniti

York County Commissioner of the Revenue Ann Thomas is pictured receiving a Proclamation of Recognition.