Cigarette Tax

Cigarette Tax Stamps

Beginning November 1st, 2021, York County imposes a tax upon all sales of cigarettes within the County of 2 cents per cigarette or 40 cents per package of 20 cigarettes.

Registered stamping agents shall purchase the heat transfer stamps of 15,000 per roll from the Commissioner of the Revenue and adhere one stamp per package of cigarettes for retailers prior to offering the cigarettes for sale. Registered stamping agents are permitted to take a 4% discount from the face value of each stamp.

Registered stamping agents should use the PDF fillable form for stamp roll purchases. Make checks payable to “Treasurer, York County” and mail the order form & check to:

Commissioner of the Revenue
Attn: Cigarette Tax
P.O. Box 189
Yorktown, VA 23690

The order form & check may also be delivered to our physical address:

Commissioner of the Revenue
Attn: Cigarette Tax
120 Alexander Hamilton Blvd
Yorktown, VA  23690