Mosquito Trapping Program

Our mosquito adult surveillance program entails trapping four nights per week in areas spread throughout and representative of the entire County.

Adult Surveillance Program

The adult surveillance program for York County functions under the General Pesticide Permit (9VAC25-800-60). The GPP specifies that the County must follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan which includes adult surveillance.

The collection of adult mosquitoes provides several important pieces of information. Traps are set at specific locations overnight or in response to service requests to detect an increase in the mosquito population. All mosquitoes captured are identified by sex and to the species level. Once these mosquitoes are identified, control measures can then be directed. Knowing what species of mosquitoes are breeding helps Mosquito Control find the breeding source and allows them to take the appropriate control measures.

The trapping program consists of three different mosquito traps: CDC trap, gravid trap, and BG Sentinel 2 trap.

CDC Trap

The CDC-Type CO2 Baited Trap is used to selectively sample host-seeking females attracted to the trap by the sublimation of dry ice into carbon dioxide (CO2), which simulates the exhaled respiratory gases of birds or mammals. These traps are best for woodland and salt marsh species of mosquitoes.

Gravid Trap

This trap selectively samples gravid female (ready to deposit eggs). Gravid females attracted by the infusion of grass clippings, manure and water will fly in to deposit their eggs and will be sucked into a holding net. The primary vectors for WNV are most attracted to gravid traps.

BG Sentinel Trap

It is an excellent general mosquito trap when used in combination with CO2 and the BG-Lure. The BG-Lure releases a combination of non-toxic substances that are also found on human skin which makes the trap attractive to the mosquitoes. BG traps are designed to attract container breeding species of mosquitoes.

Baited trap hanging from tree
This is an image of a Gravid Trap
This is an image of a BG Sentintel trap