Services Offered


  • Head start programs serve children with disabilities in an inclusive environment with other children
  • Head Start staff screen children to ensure they are "on track" with their development
  • Work closely with other agencies and organizations serving children with disabilities

Early Childhood Development & Health Services

  • Educate and better prepare Head Start families so they can properly manage the health care needs of their children
  • Embraces a comprehensive vision of health for Children, Families, and Staff
  • Health Advisory Committee aids the Health Services Coordinator in the planning, operation and evaluation of the health program for the year


  • Children develop process skills that help them observe, explore, problem solve, connect and organize
  • Individualized educational program that helps children meet their needs
  • Researched based curriculum called The Creative Curriculum that uses techniques such as hands-on activities and exploration to help children learn
  • Teachers and families work together to write goals for each child and help the child meet those goals
  • The children learn skills tin the content areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, and Technology
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