Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable is in the Division of Fiscal Accounting Services. Accounts Payable issues payments for all County purchases, mostly to vendors who provide goods and/or services to the County of York. We also provide juror payments, reimbursements to employees, and refunds for over payments of recreation fees, taxes and utility bills.

Effective December 1, 2003, payments may be electronically credited to checking accounts.  Please contact Accounts Payable to obtain the Vendor Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  Accounts Payable issues all 1099 forms to independent contractors, including 1099NEC,1099MISC, 1099G and 1099S.  Accounts Payable is also responsible for miscellaneous accounts receivable billing, including preparing invoices for outside transportation charges, water purveyor fees, grass cutting and demolition, and various other County services and charges.