Frequently Asked Questions

Are personal fireworks legal in York County?

In York County, the possession, sale and/or use of all fireworks is illegal, except where a proper permit has been obtained (by a professional pyrotechnic company) from the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety for supervised public displays meeting applicable codes, standards and safety guidelines. Use of fireworks can result in their confiscation, and violators could be criminally charged.

How do I obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit?

You can learn about how to get a Concealed Weapons Permit on the Circuit Court's page.

How do I search for Registered Sex Offenders that reside or work in York County?

A database of registered sex offenders is maintained by the Virginia State Police. Access the database.

How do I obtain a criminal warrant for someone?

To obtain a criminal warrant you must appear, in person, before a magistrate. The Magistrate's Office for York County-Poquoson-Williamsburg-James City County residents is located at:

Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail
9320 Merrimac Trail
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone number: 757-820-3905

How do I obtain a civil paper for someone?

The first step in obtaining a civil paper is to contact to York-Poquoson General District Court. They can be contacted via phone at 757-890-3450.

What items are prohibited from entering the York-Poquoson Courthouse?

The following items are prohibited from the Courthouse:

  • Cameras, unless approved by the Judge
  • Cell phones and Laptop Computers
  • Guns
  • Mace and chemical spray
  • Recording devices/radios, unless approved by the Judge
  • Sharp objects including knives of any sort, box cutters, scissors, sewing/knitting needles, fingernail files or any tool or object deemed by the sheriff’s staff or judges to be a possible weapon

 For additional information, please call 757-890-4195.

How do I start a Neighborhood Watch?

Call 757-890-3630 and request a member of our Crime Prevention Unit to speak at your neighborhood association meeting to help you get started. We suggest that you discuss this idea with your members first to find out how many will be willing to participate in the process. Three major roles need to be filled in order for Neighborhood Watch to function properly: 1 Coordinator, several Block Captains, and numerous Watch Participants.

How do I arrange for someone to speak at our meeting?

The Crime Prevention Unit can arrange this for you. They can be contacted by phone at 757- 890-3630.