Wetlands Board Mission

Wetlands Board Mission Statement:

"To preserve the wetlands and to prevent their despoliation and destruction and to accommodate necessary economic development in a manner consistent with wetlands preservation"

The Wetlands Board is a REGULATORY Board that administers the Virginia Tidal Wetlands Act.  The Wetlands Board has been in existence in York County since 1972.  The jurisdiction of the Wetlands Board is TIDAL WETLANDS which exist between Mean Low Water and 1 1/2 times the tidal range.

The Wetlands Board consists of five full-time members and two alternate members serving five-year terms.

The York County Wetlands Board conducts public hearings on the second Thursday of each month.

◾Please enjoy our award-winning video, "Partners in Protecting Our Wetlands", which serves as a great learning tool providing valuable information on the steps that can be taken to protect our wetlands and waterways.