Tidal Wetlands

Useful Resources

Tidewater Joint Permit Application (PDF) document with fillable forms (for impacts on  tidal waters, or wetlands, or dunes/beaches.  Activities eligible to use the Tidewater JPA include piers, boathouses, boat ramps, moorings, marinas, aquaculture facilities, riprap revetments, bulkheads, marsh toe stabilizations, breakwaters, beach nourishment, groins, jetties, road crossings over tidal waterways, and utility lines over or under tidal waterways.)

Standard Joint Permit Application (PDF) document with fillable forms (Dredging and excavation projects in tidal waterways/wetlands must use the Standard JPA.)

Shoreline Water Quality Impact Assessment (PDF)

Please enjoy our award-winning video, "Partners in Protecting Our Wetlands", which serves as a great learning tool providing valuable information on the steps that can be taken to protect our wetlands and waterways.

Additional Assistance

For further assistance, please contact County staff at (757) 890-3750.