Floodplain & Flood Insurance Information

Mapping Changes

York County Fema Maps Are Changing - New Maps Will Become Effective January 16, 2015 - Check Property Information to See How This Affects You

York County Ordinance Chapter 24.1 - 373 specifies requirements for floodplain development.

York County's FEMA FIRM Maps were updated June 16, 2009 and these are the maps now used by the Insurance and Mortgage companies.

York County's original FEMA Federal Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) is dated December 16, 1988. Any house built prior to that date without substantial improvements or additions is considered a Pre-Firm structure.

Flood Zone

To see the flood zone on your property and make a map of it go to the GIS link and do the following steps:
  1. Type in address and click search
  2. Click on the address to open up the details
  3. In the details list on the right is the Flood Zone designations and Elevations for the property.
  4. Go to View Property in Interactive Map at the upper right corner to view the map of the property.
  5. On the Map Layer on the left side Check the Building under property and under Environmental Check Flood Zone.
This will show the flood zones with buildings - you can zoom in or out for better detail.

If you want to print it, go back to the property sheet tab and select printer friendly

View FEMA Maps.

You can type in your address on that site, and make a FIRMETTE of the map over your property.

York County's mapping information is the same as FEMA's. Please keep in mind that these boundaries are approximate. It is always recommended that you obtain flood insurance if you are concerned about flooding even if you are not in an AE Flood Zone.

If your building is mapped in a AE Flood Zone but you don't think you really are, you can do a FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). This information is also on their website but you will probably need to hire a surveyor to do an Elevation Certificate for your property. The surveyor can also do a LOMA for you.

Useful Documents