Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act/Areas

York County Ordinance Chapter 23.2 specifies requirements in the Chesapeake Bay Buffer areas. In addition the following details are standards that the County uses.

Resource Protection Areas

Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas are composed of Resource Protection Areas (RPAs) and Resource Management Areas (RMA's). The RPA consists of perennial streams, tidal shores, tidal wetlands and certain non-tidal wetlands and the required 100-foot buffer.

The RMA is contiguous to and extends 500-feet landward of the RPA. Development in the RMA is less restricted; however, water quality measures may be necessary. The RPA buffer is intended to be left in its natural state with all development occurring in the RMA. York County staff and the Chesapeake Bay Board may grant exceptions to allow development in the RPA under certain conditions.

Bay Video

Please enjoy our award-winning video, "Vegetated Buffers: Protecting a Vital Resource," which serves as a great learning tool providing valuable information on the steps that can be taken to protect the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding lands and tributaries.

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